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Dpdk Mbuf Size


Thanks for the update. Packet format: <'ether type'=0x0800 | 'version'=4, 'protocol'=17 | 'destination port'=6081> or, <'ether type'=0x86DD | 'version'=6, 'next header'=17 | 'destination port'=6081> Definition at line 499 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define RTE_PTYPE_TUNNEL_GRENAT0x00006000 Tunneling packet Definition at line 1401 of file rte_mbuf.h. Parameters nameThe name of the mbuf pool. Check This Out

Examples: exception_path/main.c, l2fwd-crypto/main.c, netmap_compat/lib/compat_netmap.c, vhost/main.c, and vhost_xen/main.c. Definition at line 880 of file rte_mbuf.h. Definition at line 96 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_RX_IEEE1588_TMST(1ULL << 10) RX IEEE1588 L2/L4 timestamped packet. ReturnsA pointer to the new start of the data. Get More Info

Dpdk Mbuf Size

lenThe amount of data to remove (in bytes). Data Structures struct rte_mbuf struct rte_pktmbuf_pool_private Macros #definePKT_RX_VLAN_PKT(1ULL << 0) #definePKT_RX_RSS_HASH(1ULL << 1) #definePKT_RX_FDIR(1ULL << 2) #definePKT_RX_L4_CKSUM_BAD(1ULL << 3) #definePKT_RX_IP_CKSUM_BAD(1ULL << 4) #definePKT_RX_EIP_CKSUM_BAD(0ULL << 0) #definePKT_RX_OVERSIZE(0ULL << 0) #definePKT_RX_HBUF_OVERFLOW(0ULL << 0) Definition at line 1330 of file rte_mbuf.h.

Parameters mThe packet mbuf whose refcnt to be updated. Returns a pointer to the new data start address. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation This project Loading... Dpdk Doc Then checking bit 4 can determine if it is an IPV4 packet.

set the outer IP checksum field in the packet to 0 fill the mbuf offload information: outer_l2_len, outer_l3_len Examples: tep_termination/vxlan.c. Struct Rte_mbuf Definition at line 97 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_RX_FDIR_ID(1ULL << 13) FD id reported if FDIR match. static uint16_t rte_mbuf_refcnt_update ( struct rte_mbuf * m, int16_t value ) inlinestatic Adds given value to an mbuf's refcnt and returns its new value. view publisher site Definition at line 1451 of file rte_mbuf.h.

It is used for inner packet only. Rte_eth_rx_burst If the length is greater than the length of the first segment, then the function will fail and return NULL, without modifying the mbuf. It refers to those packets of any IP types, while cannot be recognized as any of above L4 types (RTE_PTYPE_L4_TCP, RTE_PTYPE_L4_UDP, RTE_PTYPE_L4_FRAG, RTE_PTYPE_L4_SCTP, RTE_PTYPE_L4_ICMP). Definition at line 139 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_TX_SCTP_CKSUM(2ULL << 52) SCTP cksum of TX pkt.

Struct Rte_mbuf

It is used for inner packet only. http://www.dpdk.org/browse/dpdk/plain/app/test/test_mbuf.c const char* rte_get_tx_ol_flag_name ( uint64_t mask) Get the name of a TX offload flag Parameters maskThe mask describing the flag. Dpdk Mbuf Size Nov 1, 2008 8:56 PM Helpful (0) Reply options Link to this post by aceofthumbs, aceofthumbs Nov 11, 2008 7:23 PM in response to ekjo014 Level 1 (0 points) Nov 11, Rte_mempool_create Test data manipulation in pktmbuf. * * - Alloc an mbuf. * - Append data using rte_pktmbuf_append(). * - Test for error in rte_pktmbuf_append() when len is too large. * -

void rte_pktmbuf_dump ( FILE * f, const struct rte_mbuf * m, unsigned dump_len ) Dump an mbuf structure to the console. Append len bytes to an mbuf and return a pointer to the start address of the added data. If there is not enough headroom in the first segment, the function will return NULL, without modifying the mbuf. Right now, not supported: attachment for already indirect mbuf (e.g. - mi has to be direct). Dpdk Mempool

We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Definition at line 94 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_RX_MAC_ERR(0ULL << 0) MAC error. Packet format: <'ether type'=0x88F7> Definition at line 265 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define RTE_PTYPE_L2_ETHER_ARP0x00000003 ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) packet type. ReturnsThe address of the direct mbuf corresponding to buffer_addr.

Message ID [email protected] State Accepted, archived Headers show Return-Path: X-Original-To: [email protected] Delivered-To: [email protected] Received: from [] (localhost [IPv6:::1]) by dpdk.org (Postfix) with ESMTP id EABB0C40E; Wed, 22 Apr 2015 11:58:08 Rte_eth_dev_count The returned pointer is cast to type t. Sign in Winston Li / mtcp Go to a project Toggle navigation Projects Groups Snippets Help Toggle navigation pinning Project Activity Repository Graphs Issues 0 Merge Requests 0 Wiki Snippets Network

It is used for outer packet for tunneling cases.

NULL on error with rte_errno set appropriately. Definition at line 179 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_TX_OUTER_IPV4(1ULL << 59) Packet outer header is IPv4. Packet format: <'ether type'=0x0800 | 'version'=4, 'ihl'=[5-15], <'options'>> Definition at line 324 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define RTE_PTYPE_L3_IPV6_EXT0x000000c0 IP (Internet Protocol) version 6 packet type. Ol_flags Definition at line 87 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_RX_FDIR(1ULL << 2) RX packet with FDIR match indicate.

It is used for outer packet for tunneling cases, and may or maynot contain extension headers. Definition at line 1498 of file rte_mbuf.h. Since the freeze happens during extended periods of time with the screen saver running, I thought maybe I should try to stop the screen saver.About 2 weeks ago, I went to Then updates pkt_len and nb_segs of the "clone" packet mbuf to match values from the original packet mbuf.

Packet format: <'ether type'=0x86DD | 'version'=6, 'next header'=0x3B> Examples: l3fwd/main.c, and performance-thread/l3fwd-thread/main.c. Packet format: <'ether type'=0x0806> Definition at line 272 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define RTE_PTYPE_L2_ETHER_LLDP0x00000004 LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) packet type. Definition at line 193 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define __RESERVED(1ULL << 61) reserved for future mbuf use Definition at line 195 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define IND_ATTACHED_MBUF(1ULL << 62) Indirect attached mbuf Definition Returns The pointer to the new mbuf on success.

Parameters mThe pkt mbuf. Ex: PKT_TX_L4_MASK. typedef uint64_t MARKER64[0] marker that allows us to overwrite 8 bytes with a single assignment Definition at line 728 of file rte_mbuf.h. Definition at line 91 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_RX_OVERSIZE(0ULL << 0) Num of desc of an RX pkt oversize.

Packet format (inner only): <'ether type'=0x0800 | 'version'=4, 'protocol'=17, 'MF'=0> or, <'ether type'=0x86DD | 'version'=6, 'next header'=17> Definition at line 614 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define RTE_PTYPE_INNER_L4_FRAG0x03000000 Fragmented IP (Internet Protocol) packet ReturnsThe last segment of the given mbuf. Definition at line 142 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM(1ULL << 54) Offload the IP checksum in the hardware. Definition at line 1139 of file rte_mbuf.h. #define rte_ctrlmbuf_len ( m) rte_pktmbuf_data_len(m) A macro that returns the length of the carried data.

How much is "enough" is going to depend heavily on what you're trying to accomplish. -- Matt Laswell infinite io, inc. It is used for outer packet for tunneling cases, and does not contain any extension header. Parameters mThe packet mbuf. Parameters mThe packet mbuf to be freed.

Examples: tep_termination/vxlan_setup.c. Each segment is added back into its original mempool. Parameters mdThe pointer to the mbuf. Parameters miThe indirect packet mbuf.

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