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Failed To Load Configuration Castor.core.properties

Each of these substrings will interpreted as class name of which the class will be loaded with the given class loader and instantiated using its default constructor. All the jars from within my ear are put there many times each minute. app : getClass().getClassLoader(); 81 _domainClassLoader = (domain != null) ? This behaviour is intended for those 351 * usecases that need distinguish between values that are missconfigured or not specified at 352 * all. 353 * 354 http://technologyprometheus.com/failed-to/java-io-ioexception-no-properties-file-users-properties-or-defaults-defaultusers-properties-found.html

AND "status"=? It doesn't help that the Spring-WS site doesn't mention anywhere which version(s) of Castor it supports. Parameters:key Key of the property to put into properties.value Value to put into properties associated with the given key.. so I guess we do have a natural interest to understand your problem(s) fully. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32033571/data-failed-to-load-configuration-castor-xml-properties

If the property is not found, null will be returned. I used the latest CastorMarshaller where you can use the targetPackages property to set the packages that have descriptors for them. Maybe I can set the namespace explicitly on the DOM node before it is unmarshalled by Castor? Parameters:key Property key.defaultValue Default value.

For all other types and if loading of one of the classes fails a PropertiesException will be thrown. If a mapping for the key previously exist in the parent properties only, the method returns null and not the value of the parent. But every time I try to generate this classes I get >>>> the exception "Exception in thread "main" >>>> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: >>>> org/exolab/castor/builder/SourceGeneratorMain" or if used the ant >>>> example it is at org.exolab.castor.xml.UnmarshalHandler.startElement(UnmarshalHandler.java:1589) at org.exolab.castor.xml.UnmarshalHandler.startElement(UnmarshalHandler.java:1486) at org.exolab.castor.xml.util.DOMEventProducer.process(DOMEventProducer.java:246) at org.exolab.castor.xml.util.DOMEventProducer.process(DOMEventProducer.java:183) at org.exolab.castor.xml.util.DOMEventProducer.start(DOMEventProducer.java:111) at org.exolab.castor.xml.Unmarshaller.unmarshal(Unmarshaller.java:637) ... 35 more Jan_Verhamme.vcf Description: Vcard --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: http://xircles.codehaus.org/manage_email Previous Message by Thread:

The following is the code snippet from FieldInfoFactory CollectionInfo cInfo = null; if (temp.equals(VECTOR)) { cInfo = new CollectionInfo(contentType, name, elementName, useJava50); } else if (temp.equals(ARRAY_LIST)) { cInfo = new CollectionInfoJ2(contentType, This gets overwritten 126 * by a configuration found on Java library directory. If the property is not found, 637 * null will be returned. 638 * 639 * @param key Property key. 640 * @return Object in this property At last overriding properties are loaded from root of classpath or, if that could not be found, from local working directory.

Parameters:properties Properties to merge the loaded ones into.filename Name of the properties file to load from Java library directory. P --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: http://xircles.codehaus.org/manage_email --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: http://xircles.codehaus.org/manage_email __________ NOD32 4815 (20100128) Information __________ This message was checked by NOD32 For string values that can be interpreted as signed decimal integer, the respective integer value will be returned. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

For string values that are 348 * equal, ignore case, to 'true' or 'false', the respective boolean value will be returned. What is this device attached to the seat-tube? 'sudo' is not installed, I can't install it, and it asks if I am root How can I convince players not to offload For string values that can 451 * be interpreted as signed decimal integer, the respective integer value will be returned. Returns:Object in this properties that previously has been associated with the given key.317318publicfinalsynchronizedObjectput(finalStringkey,finalObjectvalue){319if(value==null){thrownewNullPointerException();}320return_map.put(key,value);321} Remove any value previously associated with the given key from this properties.

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Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way in Castor to hook into the source code generator to accomplish this? All commenting, posting, registration services have been turned off. Source Returns:Object in this property map with the specified key value.351352protectedsynchronizedObjectget(finalStringkey){353Objectvalue=_map.get(key);354if((value==null)&&(_parent!=null)){355value=_parent.get(key);356}357returnvalue;358} Searches for the property with the specified key in this property map.

For all other types a ConfigurationException will be 482 * thrown. 483 * 484 * @param key Property key. 485 * @return String value in this property public class TestCastor { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { XMLContext context = new XMLContext(); context.addPackages(new String[]{"com.kirona.mitie.model.web.server.concept"}); Unmarshaller unMarshaller = context.createUnmarshaller(); LoginRequest loginRequest = If 349 * the property is not found, null will be returned.

This raises two questions:Why does the VFS explode my ear file to the vfs temp folder so often?Even with the exploding "bug" the vfs should still be able to read the

Baba Re: [castor-user] Castor XM... Can admin see my password when I enter it? Would you like me to raise a JIRA issue since I don't think castor can be used as an unmarshaller in web services without given someone the ability to bring down If you can >> provide me this information I try it again. >> >> Greeting >> Thomas >> >> On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 10:26 PM, Werner Guttmann >>

Each of these substrings 653 * will interpreted as class name of which the class will be loaded with the given class 654 * loader and instantiated using its Tor Egil Refsahl Jun 29, 2010 6:51 AM (in response to jaikiran pai) The property mentioned, jboss.vfs.forceCopy, is already set to true (by default). Parameters:key Property key. have a peek here Baba Re: [castor-user] Castor XML Co...

Browse other questions tagged java xml java-ee marshalling castor or ask your own question. We are in the process of upgrading to Castor 1.3.1 and I believe that the rules for finding and using the castor.properties file have changed. In my case, I think that I have part_of_my_application.jar listed before castor-1.3.1-xml.jar. Parameters:properties Properties to merge the loaded ones into.file Properties file to load.

This allows to distingush 286 * if the mapping existed in this configuration or one of its parents. 287 *
288 * Putting a value in this If the key is not found in this property map, the parent property map, and its parents, recursively, are then checked. Spring-WS provides a class CastorMarshaller to handle the unmarshalling and marshalling for you. Returns:Class array in this property map with the specified key value.621622publicfinalClass[]getClassArray(finalStringkey,finalClassLoaderloader){623ObjectobjectValue=get(key);624625if(objectValue==null){626returnnull;627}elseif(objectValueinstanceofClass[]){628return(Class[])objectValue;629}elseif(objectValueinstanceofString){630String[]classnames=((String)objectValue).split(",");631Class[]classes=newClass[classnames.length];632for(inti=0;i633try{634classes[i]=loader.loadClass(classnames[i]);635}catch(ClassNotFoundExceptionex){636Object[]args=newObject[]{key,newInteger(i),classnames[i]};637Stringmsg="Couldnotfindclassofpropertiesvalue:{0}[{1}]={2}";638thrownewPropertiesException(MessageFormat.format(msg,args),ex);639}640}641returnclasses;642}643644Object[]args=newObject[]{key,objectValue};645Stringmsg="PropertiesvalueisnotaClass[]:{0}={1}";646thrownewPropertiesException(MessageFormat.format(msg,args));647} Searches for the property with the specified key in this property map.

Parameters:properties Properties to merge the loaded ones into.filename Name of the properties file to load from local working directory. I don't think there's a way around the class loading problem here: the JAR included in the WAR should take precedence, but Pluto somehow changes this. The test program is shown below. If the key is not 525 * found in this property map, the parent property map, and its parents, recursively, are then 526 * checked. 527 *

I have a xsd type that has an unbounded element of type xs:byte. This property gets generated as java.lang.Vector. I can get things to work again by re-structuring the SOAP request as follows (by moving the namespace declaration): username password .and This gets overwritten by properties found on Java library directory. I'm using the Maven structure, and I have the applicationContext.xml file in src/main/resources folder.

at org.springframework.oxm.castor.CastorUtils.convertXmlException(CastorUtils.java:50) at org.springframework.oxm.castor.CastorMarshaller.convertCastorException(CastorMarshaller.java:431) at org.springframework.oxm.castor.CastorMarshaller.unmarshalDomNode(CastorMarshaller.java:335) at org.springframework.oxm.AbstractMarshaller.unmarshalDomSource(AbstractMarshaller.java:292) at org.springframework.oxm.AbstractMarshaller.unmarshal(AbstractMarshaller.java:122) at org.springframework.ws.support.MarshallingUtils.unmarshal(MarshallingUtils.java:65) at org.springframework.ws.client.core.WebServiceTemplate$3.extractData(WebServiceTemplate.java:373) at org.springframework.ws.client.core.WebServiceTemplate.doSendAndReceive(WebServiceTemplate.java:559) at org.springframework.ws.client.core.WebServiceTemplate.sendAndReceive(WebServiceTemplate.java:501) at org.springframework.ws.client.core.WebServiceTemplate.marshalSendAndReceive(WebServiceTemplate.java:350) at org.springframework.ws.client.core.WebServiceTemplate.marshalSendAndReceive(WebServiceTemplate.java:344) at org.springframework.ws.client.core.WebServiceTemplate.marshalSendAndReceive(WebServiceTemplate.java:336) at be.ugent.doza.aandoct.webservice.service.phd.PhdServiceImpl.getPhdList(PhdServiceImpl.java:77) at be.ugent.doza.aandoct.midtier.webservice.phd.PhdServiceImplTest.testGetPhds(PhdServiceImplTest.java:89) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) Then the castor element of spring-ws (only 5 or 6 classes) again need to reference the classes in their new packages. putting the MarshalTester class and the CD class caused problems. See if the property mentioned in that thread, helps you too.

Announcement Announcement Module Collapse No announcement yet. Parameters:filename Name of the properties file.167168protectedvoidloadUserProperties(finalStringfilename){169Propertiesproperties=newProperties();170171//Getcommonpropertiesfromtheclasspathroot,ignoreifnotfound.172booleanuserPropertiesLoaded=loadFromClassPath(properties,"/"+filename);173174//Ifnotfoundonclasspathroot,eitheritdoesn'texist,or"."isnotpartof175//theclasspath,trylookingatlocalworkingdirectory.176if(!userPropertiesLoaded){177userPropertiesLoaded=loadFromWorkingDirectory(properties,filename);178}179180if(!userPropertiesLoaded){181Stringproperty=System.getProperty(USER_PROPERTIES_SYSTEM_PROPERTY);182if(property!=null&&property.length()>0){183Filefile=newFile(property);184if(file.exists()){185LOG.info("LoadingcustomCastorpropertiesfrom"+file.getAbsolutePath());186userPropertiesLoaded=loadFromFile(properties,file);187}else{188LOG.warn(file.getAbsolutePath()+"isnotavalidfile.");189}190}191}192193_map.putAll(properties);194} Load properties with given filename from classpath and merge them into the given properties. If I correct the SOAP request it still does not work, I still get the previous error.