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Pkg-config Windows 64


If you whish instead to build a statically linked GUI tool [i.e. Browse other questions tagged windows pkg-config or ask your own question. it must also be set to come first within the Cygwin environment (either by modifying "/etc/profile" or setting it manually). Page 1 of 2 1 2 > Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes 24th September 2011, 17:47 #1 |Link jmac698 Registered User Join Date: Jan 2006 Posts: http://technologyprometheus.com/how-to/how-to-disable-windows-live-messenger-windows-7-at-startup.html

Why is my scene rendered repeatedly when I press F12? The difficulty in getting pkg-config installed is due its circular depency on glib. The warnings are just that - warnings. But FFmbc sees them when they are in the same directory. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1710922/how-to-install-pkg-config-in-windows

Pkg-config Windows 64

Chris K13th October 2011, 14:53Happy to report I've been quite successful since I set up the MinGW/msys environment yesterday. -------------------------------------- FFmbc version 0.7-rc3 Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Baptiste Coudurier and the FFmpeg Rename file to end in .whl Whew! Step 11) building spatialite-tools spatialite-tools the SpatiaLite command-line management tools Depends on: libiconv, libproj, libgeos, libspatialite, libexpat Building under Windows is an easy task. Thanks a lot kolak View Public Profile Find More Posts by kolak 1st October 2011, 16:34 #7 |Link jmac698 Registered User Join Date: Jan 2006 Posts: 1,816 If

There are also some warnings about bash being ver. 2.04 which prevents the configure script from working. dlltool.exe (which is part of binutils) may be used instead of lib.exe. Working with a Windows native terminal can be painful, especially if you have a non-US/EN keyboard and you have no means to type special characters like '~'. What Is Pkg-config A man page program for Windows and DOS systems is available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ezwinports/files/ A man page program based on http://elks.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/elks/elkscmd/sys_utils/man.c?view=log has been ported to MinGW.

MSYS? ... Pkg-config-lite But FFmbc sees them when they are in the same directory. As a workaround you'll need to remove that flag, e.g. http://retarewarhigh.jimdo.com/2016/09/18/intl-dll-pkg-config-download/ Do the build: make build-mingw32 make wheel I found that the DLLs in the av folder didn't get put into the wheel file, so I added them, manually, by adding ".zip"

Report bugs? ... Pip Install Pkg-config jmac6988th October 2011, 16:10aha, I was just quoting from something I read, haven't checked the script. Open a command prompt (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt in XP) and type: set PATH=C:\MinGW\bin;%PATH% set PATH=C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin;%PATH% Start mingw prompt (Start->All Programs->MingW->MingW Shell) and type: /postinstall/pi.sh now answer the questions with the response Is there any indication in the books that Lupin was in love with Tonks?


And to install libraries you'd either use ./configure --prefix=/usr/local or--prefix=/c/installs/mingw-w64/i686-4.9.2-posix-dwarf-rt_v3-rev0/mingw32/i686-w64-mingw32 The latter if you wanted to install something to your MINGW_PATH itself... A library licensed with LGPL (Lesser GPL) may be used by proprietary software without GPL infection as special permission within the LGPL has given you this right. Pkg-config Windows 64 You signed out in another tab or window. How To Install Pkg Files On Windows 7 It is bundled together with Visual Studio.

make...autoconf...autogen...automake...intltool...wget...tar...itstool...bison...pkg-config...... this content make install (now writes the files to "/mingw/msys/1.0/local/" like the others do). 6. Still not working. Unpack. Pkg-config Path Windows

You must be under a MSYS shell and tools environment to compile. If anyone's interested in investigating further, I think this has the potential to make a very nice alternative for reading man pages on Windows. One more option that may be Note that this is proof that an average person can make their own compile, so don't be afraid to try! http://technologyprometheus.com/how-to/how-to-boot-from-cd-windows-10.html some of your links are broken -> "
" in the link must be removed regards, hanfrunz kolak30th September 2011, 21:32Trying to do this magic.

Building under Windows is an easy task. Gtk-runtime I assume that the default is 32 bit? Manpages are a documentation format prevalent on UNIX systems, where a special program called "man" is normally used to read them.

configure fails b/c of unreferenced contribs On some setups, configure may fail with the following error: configure: error: Could not find lua.

How do I create a DLL for Visual Basic to use? Do the cygwin modifications in the configure file as mentioned above. 3. I was out for a static build but had some problems with libmp3lame and libxvid. How To Open Pkg File In Windows 8 This issue is not specific to MinGW: many compilers are mutually incompatible.

What's the difference between gcc and mingw32-gcc? How do I get pkg-config installed? Unhappily pkg-config doesn't comes already installed once you've installed MinGW and MSYS. check over here x264 compiles fine, but the lib is not found by ffmbc.

V-Day View Public Profile Find More Posts by V-Day 7th October 2011, 15:14 #12 |Link jmac698 Registered User Join Date: Jan 2006 Posts: 1,816 hanfrunz, build static and there use --enable-gpl3 to enable faac there should be some way to include already built libraries from ffmpeg the_weirdo7th October 2011, 16:40To link against external libs, you can use PKG_CONFIG_PATH or specify Both offer working gcc's for windows. Also needed yasm for ffmpeg build.

Why don't wide characters work with libstdc++? Well, at least I don't get the message yasm not found. I now don't need the "libmp3lame-0.dll" anymore. A tutorial to create a Java Native Interface DLL can be found here: JNI-MinGW-DLL Why do I need mingwm10.dll when I distribute my program and can I get rid of it?

Chris K View Public Profile Find More Posts by Chris K Page 1 of 2 1 2 > « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Display How do I use Windows sockets, rather than Unix sockets? Step 1) building libiconv libiconv is the standard GNU library supporting locale charsets. jmac698 View Public Profile Find More Posts by jmac698 11th October 2011, 05:31 #16 |Link jmac698 Registered User Join Date: Jan 2006 Posts: 1,816 I had an error about

Disable any real-time scanning programs you have enabled (your anti-virus, Windows Defender) and convert configure.ac to Unix new lines. Site Status Site maintenance completed May 25th, 2012 at 12:38 UTC Search this site: Administrative Update As of June 2013 we are accepting donations. download the latest sources: wxMSW-2.8.12.zip uncompress this zip-file then open an MSYS shell cd wxMSW-2.8.12 mkdir msw_build cd msw_build ../configure --disable-shared --disable-debug \ --disable-threads --enable-monolithic --enable-unicode \ --without-libjpeg --without-libpng --without-zlib\ --without-libtiff www.cleardefinition.com//Building_AbiWord_2_8_on_Windows ...you...need...pkg-config...too,...install...these...dependencies...in...the...way...that...page...

The source for the Windows version appears to have been built with Microsoft Visual Studio not MinGW.