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Opening a Tif outside of TRIM from the desktop works fine.We have TRIM version 6.22 with Office 2007 / Vista Using Insert in Word 2003 not bringing up TRIM 7.1 The ODMA Connection Manager and ODMA DMS Integrations are not Unicode-enabled. Για να χρησιμοποιήσετε τις Συζητήσεις των Ομάδων Google, ενεργοποιήστε την JavaScript στις ρυθμίσεις του προγράμματος περιήγησής σας και, στη συνέχεια, ανανεώστε αυτήν τη σελίδα. . Ο λογαριασμός μουΑναζήτησηΧάρτεςYouTubePlayGmailDriveΗμερολόγιοGoogle+ΜετάφρασηΦωτογραφίεςΠερισσότεραΈγγραφαBloggerΕπαφέςHangoutsΑκόμη περισσότερα από την File Client.cpp uses the ErrorMessage function in ODMClient::ConnectDocID. Check This Out

Registry Keys OyezForms looks for Oyez will initially try to connect with the default DMS system recognised by the odma32.dll (i.e. Check other resources for support information about Microsoft Office applications for tips and information about MS Office and ODMA. exactly the same location object) of locations. Please use the previous link instead. his comment is here

However, the size and documents of my source document store remain unchaged. Although the messages have been seen under conditions where there is an error in the application, these messages are inappropriate because they can occur when there is no actual defect. If the dll is not found OyezForms will abandon all ODMA links without throwing an error. By default, ODMA awareness in on.

ODMA Connection Manager Message (download BMP format) If the user clicks "OK" the Connection Manager will then perform the correct operation, which is to silently report the appropriate error condition (e.g., Double-click on the file name or icon. Version 7.11 Build 1821 We are in the process of rolling Version 7.11 Build 1821 for a mining company(1500+ users)up in Papua New Guinea and have noticed a number issues:- When NoYes Please tell us how we can make this answer more useful.

Contributors Robert Barham (0.10) 1999-01-28 contributed the procedure and an e-mail explanation for configuring Word97. Why does Microsoft Word (etc.) report invalid filenames when I select documents in ODMA? There are well-defined ODMSTATUS values for reporting any of these conditions: ODM_E_DOCID, ODM_E_NODMS, and ODM_E_FAIL, and appropriate result codes will in-fact be delivered once the user clicks the http://odma.info/support/X010100.htm The above error message should no longer appear.

Close this incident report when (1-4) are complete and it is clear that proper operation of the updated Connection Managers is fully confirmed. Trim - Document Transfer HiI have completely transfered all document from one document store to the other using the Document Transfer feature of Trim Client. created 2000-10-19-08:16 -0700 (pdt) by orcmid $$Author: Orcmid $ $$Date: 07-07-28 11:15 $ $$Revision: 31 $ ODMA Incident Report X010100: Inappropriate Messages to Users Last updated 2000-02-12-12:02 -0800 (pst) The Navigate within “Windows Explorer” or “My Computer” to the OmniPage Pro 12 installation folder.

Contact Us | Sign In | Register Toggle navigationMENUAbout Vivit Board of DirectorsVivit StaffVolunteer OpportunitiesMembership InformationAwardsLUGs & SIGs Local User GroupsJoin a LUGSpecial Interest GroupsLUG Leader ResourcesSIG Leader ResourcesBe A LeaderBe http://ngwlist.com/pipermail/ngw/2003-May/056969.html Hinchman 6. 2003-05-07 Re: [ngw] Specified DMS is not registered with ODMA ngw Diran Apara 7. 2003-05-07 Specified DMS is not registered with ODMA ngw Robert Bienstock Configure | About The names for the keys HOTDOCS, HOTDOCSFILLER, MS WORD, WORDPERECT, and ACROBAT need to match the names that are set in HotDocs Options under File Management > Advanced ODMA Settings. Other Conditions to Check Contributors Change History 1.

Presence of the following Windows Registry key causes Microsoft Office to operate correctly with ODMA: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ODMA32\ANSIonNT This registry key applies on any Win32 platform, not just Windows NT. 2. his comment is here Dennis Hamilton reviewed the reports and logs, then confirmed the defects by inspection of the ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager 2.0.0 source code.. created 2001-01-25-17:22 -0800 (pst) by orcmid $$Author: Orcmid sometimes you can copy the data into a new blacnk workbook and it may save but it seems that we have to just ditch the spreadsheets and get our clients to Jonathan Cohen (0.15) requested clarification about the versions of Windows that this applies for, as well as requesting a tool to make the change Dennis Hamilton (0.10) (0.10) researched the question

Configuring Microsoft Office for ODMA 3. Microsoft Office ODMA Integration 2. A tombstone is introduced in the previous location. this contact form Document not saved.Once this error pops up, if you click ok it just returns to the spreadsheet and there is no other way to save it.

For example, the procedure of this FAQtip is described at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;166865. Expanded FAQ on how to perform the installation will be produced in the next week near future. File Init.cpp defines ErrorMessage using the Microsoft Windows MessageBox function and a global MAXERRSTRING parameter (defined in ConMan.h) on the length of message texts.

OyezForms will subsequently look in registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\OyezLegalForms.Application\ODMA32 for a string value with name 'DefaultDMS'.

Error accessing offline records - Excel Spreadsheets - TRIM & Win 7/Office 2010 Hi,We are experencing issues in saving Excel Spreadsheets due to an HP TRIM error that keeps popping we'd seen similar to this sporadically on machines that were upgraded from 2004 -> v8i but for some reason it was not configured in the registry correctly. This applies to all implementations of the ODMA specification from ODMA 1.0 to ODMA 2.0. It is an intermittent issue and we cannot replicate it through testing.Our staff may have a spreadsheet open, click Save As within Excel and then they recieve an error message -

I have noticed this with both Office 2003 and 2007. Select a category Sort by Default Summary New or Updated Description Date Updated Direction Ascending Descending Search Tips Find the answer to your question Search filters applied “ODMA support could not The ODMA Specifications and implementation practices are based on the assumption that all interactive activities are those of the DMS and of the ODMA-aware application. navigate here This page has been accessed 8,517 times.


^ Go to first post Communities Home Getting Started Community Central Products Support Secure File Upload Feedback Support and Services Home Product Support Downloads User Management Licensing Manager Suppressing OyezForms save/discard prompts OyezForms (v10.02K+) offers the option to suppress OyezForms-generated save/discard prompts when users close altered documents and go straight to the DMS check-in dialogue. No more error message, thanks Stephan. The ODMA 2.0 Connection Manager Trace Log is more informative and useful for any necessary troubleshooting.

Produce an updated, tested Connection Manager in which the repair is confirmed. Follow these steps to rename the file “OPODMA.dll” to “OPODMA.old”. Actions (2001-01-29): The following actions are proposed: Record the existence of of the problem and establish an incident report as notification and as documentation of the repair that is needed. [2001-01-29: Conversely, if you perform a search for a container will not return a result.- Users cannot view Record Properties from web client, error "Object not set to an instance of object"

The procedure in this FAQ continues to apply. (If it is not performed, the ODMA API calls from Office 2003 will be performed incorrectly.) Confirmation of operation with Microsoft Office 2003 HTH Cancel Scott Soper Wed, Dec 2 2009 5:52 PM In reply to Stephan Searles: I thought I had a good installation but I uninstalled and re-installed. An OLE document function (GetData) failed" when dragging an attached document from OneNote directly to TRIM.I've never used OneNote before but have managed to replicate the issue on my computer.I suspect Announce the Connection Manager revision and have it be available for download.

It is far better to have the application provide an informative display, if even needed, depending on what operations are being performed at the application level. Search by product, category, keywords, or phrases.