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Vsam Return Codes


GV910 DFSMS COMPRESSION SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE Reason: The file being exported is compressed. Increase the region size and try the update again. GV168 MESSAGES FROM DFSMS BINDER FOLLOW IN GV169 MESSAGES Reason: Informational. GV805 CANNOT DECOMPRESS VSE SYSTEM COMPRESSED DATA SET - RESTORE BYPASSED Reason: This data set has been compressed by VSE system compression and was Exported by FAVER2. http://technologyprometheus.com/return-code/vsam-return-code.html

The cluster in the message was deleted since the last merge/export, and it is not carried forward on the export file. If you attempt to access this file as a variable length record file, the application will fail. Many of us have used VSAM and work with VSAM data sets daily, but exactly how it works and why we use it instead of another access method is a mystery.This UNKNOWN HEADER TYPE Each block has a header that describes the data in the block.

Vsam Return Codes

GV108 RECORD COUNTS DISAGREE CATALOG= nnn Reason: The record count maintained during export does not agree with the record total (records inserted for a RRDS) field from the catalog. EXO (EXport Open) was specified and the cluster is exported. Find the source of the CMPPRM error. GV021 DUPLICATE CLUSTER NAMES Reason: This cluster has already been specified on a previous cluster name card.

The password does not immediately follow the slash (/), is too long, or is not enclosed in quotation marks when required. GV750 ERROR OPENING, GVOPEN RC=n,MEANING:explanation Reason: The FAVER export title could not be processed. The practice of priming a cluster is often used to allow a cluster to be open for update when it actually has no records in it. Vsam Return Code 160 Increase the region size and attempt to run GVEXPORT again.

Either the RECALL parameter should be removed from the GVEXPORT control statements or the GVPARMS utility should be used to define the desired storage manager. GV104 OPEN FOR OUTPUT WHEN EXPORTED Reason: This cluster was exported with the EXO option in effect. Could also indicate an out of memory situation. 9002 02 File not open when access tried. 9003 03 Serial mode error. 9004 04 Illegal file name.Micro Focus, the COBOL file name Indicates a boundary violation.

The RECALL parameter was specified for EXPORT processing. Vsam Feedback Codes This message indicates that CA FAVER is adapting to the change in key length or key offset. Otherwise, the transparency has been activated explicitly. GV302 UNABLE TO OPEN ENTRY - entryname Reason: entryname: Cluster or alternate index name.

Vsam Return Code 23

Processing terminates. https://books.google.com/books?id=zzqrAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA426&lpg=PA426&dq=vsam+return+code+109&source=bl&ots=ZkHGHbbosJ&sig=-jqtvCxNg88yQqh9A-8DXriGon0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiA3fOjxYbRAhWDWywKHZCGBNoQ6AEIMzAE GV157 FAVER SYSTEM DEFAULTS UPDATED FAILED - RC=n Reason: GVPARMS attempted to update the CA FAVER system defaults module, FVDFAULT, but an error occurred. Vsam Return Codes This message indicates the module cannot be loaded from the STEPLIB or the LINKLIST. Vsam Return Code 16 GV031 OUTDD GV051 VOLUME action ERROR volser Reason: action: The word "EXPORT" if using CA FAVER.

Usually, MOVE continues with the next cluster, but if ESTOP is specified then the execution will terminate. http://technologyprometheus.com/return-code/sas-return-codes-unix.html GV326 PREVIOUS ERROR INTERFACING TO DISK - CANNOT RECALL dsn Reason: Error. Processing continues to the update phase. The NORECALL parameter was specified for EXPORT processing. Vsam Return Code 28

The client specified STGROUP=stgroup in the GVEXPORT input control statements. The reload process will decompress this file so that the improved compression techniques of CA Extend/DASD for MVS may be employed. GVPARMS has accepted the all control statements. http://technologyprometheus.com/return-code/how-to-resolve-vsam-open-return-code-is-232.html The client specified STGROUP=stgroup in the GVEXPORT input control statements.

All analysis tests were applied and no errors were detected. Vsam Extended Return Code Can Contain The Message Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "0" for additional information based on Status-Key-2. 1End of File, attempting to read beyond the end of the file. A RESTORE user exit error was detected.

See linkage editor report that put the program on library  S806 Program not on the library.

The update phase is skipped. GV012 ERROR IN CATDEF= Reason: The catalog data set name does not follow the equal sign (=), is too long, or is not followed by a proper delimiter. UPDATE NUMBER INCORRECT -- The update number carried with each segment of a spanned record does not match the update number in another segment of the same record. Vsam Return Code 168 If CA FAVER generated the erroneous parms, report the problem.

GV932 OUTDD PROCESSING IS NOT SUPPORTED WITH A GENERIC CLUSTER SELECTION Reason: The associated cluster selection specifies generic selection characters that may resolve to multiple clusters. GV307 VSAM CBMM ERROR DOING function - R15=cc RC=rc Reason: An error occurred when trying to do a VSAM macro. GV304 CATALOG TIME STAMP BACK LEVELED Reason: During a merge operation, the time stamp for a cluster is less in the catalog than in the merge input file. http://technologyprometheus.com/return-code/mainframe-ftp-return-codes.html GV138 CONTROL STATEMENT PROCESSING BEGINS Reason: Informational.

Otherwise, the CA message is issued and execution continues. Reason: There is a CMPPRM entry for this data set; however, the record length in the CMPPRM entry does not match the record length in the data set. The compression table name type (either current or desired) is shown in the message text. Indicates a duplicate key condition.

Action: To cause this cluster to be defined in the system where the RESTORE command is processed, add the REMP parameter to the RESTORE command. The first character of the File-Status-Key is known as status-key-1 and defines a group or category. For files with variable-length records the minimum and maximum record lengths for the actual file may not match the minimum and maximum record lengths used by the program 41 An OPEN While examining control statements, an incomplete parameter was encountered.

The compression table type (either current or desired) is also displayed.