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The Specified Management Service On Host At Port Is Unreachable

Cause The /etc/services file has all ports assigned beginning with 1830 - 1849. Use this when you do not want to copy the binaries again, but only want to configure the available binaries. -softwareOnly Installs only the software binaries, and does NOT configure the If this port is not available, the management Service will search in the range that is specified. Figure 15: Configure the Target Database Instance Enter the password for the DBSNMP user on the target database and click on the "Test Connection" button to ensure the database user DBSNMP check over here

Verify the Oracle User Account This article assumes the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 software has already been installed on vmlinux1 and as such, includes the UNIX groups oinstall, dba, and In this scenario, you want the OMS to connect directly to the Management Agents inside the firewall without using the proxy server. Operating System Requirements Ensure that you install the Management Agent only on certified operating systems as mentioned in the Enterprise Manager Certification Matrix available on My Oracle Support. Please wait ...[[email protected] agent]$ *** Check for updates *** *** Select Installation Type *** *** Check Prerequisites *** *** Specify Oracle Management Service Location *** The specified Management Service on host check here

Oracle Home discovery plug-in Oracle Home monitoring plug-in You must not install two Management Agents on the same host. For example, s_agentHomeName="agent12gR1" s_agentServiceName Enter the customized Management Agent service name. User and Operating System Group Requirement Ensure that the destination host where you want to install the Management Agent has the appropriate users and operating system groups created. Inventory check OK: Patch ID 8240469 is registered in Oracle Home inventory with proper meta-data.

Please check the log files for more details. [[email protected] agent]$ cat /etc/hosts # Do not remove the following line, or various programs # that require network functionality will fail. After you determine the port number assigned to the OMS upload port, you must then configure the firewall to allow incoming HTTP or HTTPS traffic (depending upon whether or not you Typically, you will use this option only when you are installing the Management Agent before installing the OMS, and you know for sure that you will install the OMS later on The Oracle docs say that you must connect via the unsecure port  first in order to then secure it.

At this screen you  have to put in the hostname of the server where the OMS is and the port on  which you would like it to contact it. There may be situations where your Web application components and the Beacons you use to monitor those components are separated by a firewall. At minimum, the following URLs should be made available through the firewall: aru-akam.oracle.com ccr.oracle.com login.oracle.com support.oracle.com updates.oracle.com Ensure that the default ports, that is, port 80 for HTTP connectivity and port you could check here Inventory check OK: Patch ID 9676134 is registered in Oracle Home inventory with proper meta-data.

Synchronize EMCLI: $/bin/emcli sync Identify the platforms for which the Management Agent software is available on the OMS host: $/bin/emcli get_supported_platforms This command lists all the platforms for which the Management It will show SLB name for REPOSITORY_URL . Permissions for cmd.exe (For Microsoft Windows) (For Microsoft Windows) If you are installing the Management Agent on a Microsoft Windows-based operating system, then ensure that you grant the Cmd.exe program Read Good, because that means you are serious about your career and that will always reap rewards.

In this example, I will use /home/oracle/software/management_agent/ [[email protected] ~]$ cd /home/oracle/software/management_agent/ [[email protected] linux_x86]$ unzip Linux_Grid_Control_agent_download_10_2_0_5_0.zip Install Management Agent After extracting the Management Agent software, verify you are logged in as the http://www.dba-village.com/village/dvp_forum.OpenThread?ThreadIdA=34762&DestinationA=RSS In those cases, you must configure your firewall to allow ICMP, UDP and HTTP traffic. 10.17 About Enabling ICMP Echo Requests on Firewalls OMS uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) All Rights Reserved. The solution… After some research and struggling with different settings  and configuration files, I managed to workout that there were some settings  that needed to be changed. 1) Edit this file: 

Please wait ...[[email protected] agent]$ *** Check for updates *** *** Select Installation Type *** *** Check Prerequisites *** *** Specify Oracle Management Service Location *** *** Customize Ports *** *** Review This issue might happen when an operation attempts to retrieve an element from a collection using a key that does not exist in that collection. On the Certifications page, in the Certification Search region, from the Product list, select Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. emd.properties file is missing two key parameters: a) EMD_URL should have a port b) agentTZRegion= is missing altogether (should be the last line of the file) 4.

MGMT_VIEW user, Repository Views and DBMS_Jobs - Check the OMS log/trace files to verify if the OMS is having any problems in staying Up. Updating archive file "/Oracle/product/agent11g/lib32/libclient11.a" with "lib32/libclient11.a/kpuds.o" Updating archive file "/Oracle/product/agent11g/lib32/libclient11.a" with "lib32/libclient11.a/kpudst.o" Running make for target irman Running make for target client_sharedlib ApplySession adding interim patch '8240469' to inventory Verifying the Symptoms Configured multiple OMS behind Server Load Balancer (SLB) (as per Note 866732.1) and all OMSs are secured against SLB name using the following command. $cd /bin $./emctl secure oms this content To do so, access the following log file from the Management Agent home, and search for the sentence WARN:Plugin configuration has failed. $/cfgtoollogs/cfgfw/CfmLogger-.log For example, /u01/app/Oracle/core/ If you find the sentence,

The local system has been patched and can be restarted. If communication with the Agent is possible, the ‘Upload Now' button will be enabled. In another scenario the Agent log says the agent is blocked and needs to be resynced from the console.

You have installed several additional Management Agents on hosts that are outside the firewall.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please ask a related question Suggested Solutions Title # Comments Views Activity Write an app 10 64 32d How to quickly enable constraint with For example, FileZilla. You can obtain the Listener port by reviewing the Listener home page in the Enterprise Manager console. 10.15 About Using Firewalls with Multiple OMS Instances Enterprise Manager supports the use of My personal belief is that experience trumps certifications.

For example, /tmp/agtImg/agentDeploy.sh AGENT_BASE_DIR=/scratch/agent12c OMS_HOST=example.com EM_UPLOAD_PORT=14511 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=2bornot2b When you pass the arguments while invoking the deployment script, these values need not be given with double quotes. Copyright (c) 1996, 2006 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved. These hosts are installed in the .example.uk domain. have a peek at these guys Verify the OMS to Agent Communication Through the Grid Control UI, Check the Management System -> Agent homepage The Agent homepage will list the details about the last successful communication with

Enter the following information: Database SID: TESTDB1 Listener port number: 1521 Password for SYS user: xxxxxxxx Password for SYSMAN user: xxxxxxxx Do you wish to continue? [yes(Y)/no(N)]: y May 11, 2009 Port 1159, 4898-4989 specify that 1159 is the default. Blackout Operations: All scheduled blackouts and all blackout updates need to get sent to the Agent, etc. Jeff graduated from Stanislaus State University in Turlock, California, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Note 283091.1: How To Secure / Unsecure The Grid Control Components (Agent / OMS) In 10g - Check the agent upload: cd /BIN emctl upload This should work fine now. Host is shown as Agent unreachable and noticed the following erorr message seen in OMS_HOME/sysman/emoms.trc file "9 successive metadata upload requests have failed.