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Unable To Get The Config Xml For The Specified Item

So even though the query returned only one column 'full_name' in the resultset the solr document gets two extra fields 'firstName' and 'lastName' which are 'derived' fields. If you are using other BEA products with WebLogic Server or third-party applications, see the documentation accompanying the other product for additional information about config.xml elements and attributes. For more information, see Remarks later in this article. transformer="LogTransformer" logTemplate="The name is ${e.name}" logLevel="debug" > .... Unlike other Transformers this does not apply to any field so the attributes are applied on the entity itself. Check This Out

dataDir parameter Used to specify an alternate directory to hold all index data other than the default ./data under the Solr home. If this is not present , DIH tries to construct the import query by(after identifying the delta) modifying the 'query' (this is error prone). If you want to run debug mode and commit the results too, add 'commit=true' as a request parameter. If you do not specify REMOVEPREVIOUS, any previously installed Office applications for which a replacement is being installed are removed.

Don't have a SymAccount? If you insert the string * anywhere in the file name, a unique log file is created for each installation performed by setup.exe (see the explanation later in this article). Uses the NumberFormat class in java eg: By default, NumberFormat uses the system's default locale to parse the given string. Listeners can be used to fire-off any special code; they are typically used to exec snapshooter. ... Altiris.NS.Exceptions.AeXException: Did not get a row for Software Delivery postImportDeleteQuery : after full-import this will be used to cleanup the index . In the example below, the listener is of the class, QuerySenderListener, which takes lists of queries and sends them to the new searcher being opened, thereby warming it.