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Unable To Lookup The Sid Associated With The Specified Account

They can also help you identify and resolve performance issues, improve mail flow, and better manage disaster recovery scenarios. CFFD000A ABAT-E-NOBINDINGFND, Binding handle not available or invalid registry %n protocol specified This is an error indicating that a protocol sequence established in the Registry is not available on this machine. Security identifiers not recognized by the primary domain are checked against the trusted domains that correspond to their SID prefixes. ABAT-E-JOBABORT, Job aborted during execution CFFD00C9 This is the exit status code of a job that has been aborted. http://technologyprometheus.com/unable-to/unable-to-download-app-at-this-time.html

Don't have a SymAccount? Note This is how LDP.exe exports the data in binary value parsing mode (in dialog invoked through Options\General). The server running the SMP service is also the OOB server (we don't have a multi-tier implementation of Altiris, yet). Next, the function checks the primary domain.

If this Warning event is logged at specific times or if any other pattern is detected, do the following: Check the Application log for related events. ABAT-E-EXCRUNTIME, job aborted exceeding expected run time CFFD01C4 The Execution Agent has set this job’s exit status code because of an overrun for elapsed run time and has aborted the job. You can take a network trace using Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4.

is either absent or invalid CFFD01A5 Self-explanatory. ABAT-W-NOSUCHCALENDAR, specified calendar does not exist 8FFD01E0 Self-explanatory. We appreciate your feedback. More specific details may be found in the job’s log file.

There is no negative cache. This is a general non-specific error indicating that the client was unable to connect to a server machine. This is typically not something to be overly concerned about since the error occurs on the disconnect itself. https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/unexpected-exception-during-updatepersonalizationdb Important If the SID is found in SidHistory, the name-SID mapping is not added to the cache (in order to avoid cache pollution).

We already removed the end point protection and tried enabling anonymous SID/Name translation. This message is displayed by the command-line client. 4FFD0181 ABAT-I-EVTTRIGGERED, job triggered by event An event occurred which triggered execution of a job. 4FFD0191 ABAT-I-NOWBEM, WBEM services will not be available This is typically not something to be overly concerned about since the error occurs on the disconnect itself. ABAT-E-INVSTRTSTPTIME, Invalid queue START time range or STOP time range CFFD0023 The time you entered was not in 24-hour time format. 00:00 through 23:59 is the legal range.

Caching There is no caching of the query results, positive or negative. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa379166(v=vs.85).aspx If the domain is not the primary domain or one of the trusted domains, the SID lookup for this name fails. Please run the ABATLIC program to obtain more information. CFFD0009 Data associated with a Registry Key is of an incompatible type.

The job will still execute. have a peek at these guys CFFD01DA When using the Personal Edition license you are restricted to a Workstation/Professional NT system and all connections are local to that system. CFFD0070 ABAT-E-DUPLICATE_KEY_VALUE, Duplicate key value This error is returned when an attempt has been made to create an object with a duplicate key (2 objects with the same name). Depending on network conditions this problem may resolve itself as the machine is re-discovered.

CFFD01D4 ABAT-E-MSONLYLIC, This Job Scheduler license only permits connections to Microsoft Execution Agents You are attempting to connect to a non-Microsoft Execution Agent and your license only permits you to connect to Microsoft On a server, the domain name returned for most accounts in the security database of the local computer is the name of the domain for which the server is a domain You can disassociate the jobs from this schedule and then delete the schedule. 8FFD0168 ABAT-W-JOBNOTEXEC, job not currently executing You cannot restart a job that is not currently executing. 8FFD0177 ABAT-W-NOSUCHCHAR, http://technologyprometheus.com/unable-to/unable-to-get-the-config-xml-for-the-specified-item.html CFFD000B ABAT-E-BADPARAM, Bad parameter received This is a general error indicating that a bad parameter was specified.

ABAT-W-TRIGGERSDISABLED, ActiveBatch Event Triggers are disabled 8FFD01C3 Unable to issue TRIGGER command as ActiveBatch Triggers are not enabled. Mike Clemson, SeniorSystems Engineer, ASC Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner intuitivetech.com This thread is locked. If an account name cannot be resolved there, the domain controller will send remaining SIDs to domain controllers in a trusted domain where the domain part of the SID matches the

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CFFD00C5 ABAT-E-ABORTENTRY, Entry has been aborted A job has been marked as ‘aborted’. The bottom line here is that the account in question doesn’t have the specific privileges on our domain that SQL setup wants here, and so it fails and reports that the If you suspect domain controllers in the domain are only reachable through slow links you can also target a global catalog server for the search and use the domain distinguished name ABAT-E-INVCALCONFIG, An invalid Calendar configuration was made.  Please make sure that all the calendar will allow a job to run at least once CFFD01FF You have attempted to create a job

ABAT-E-INSTSKIPPED, instance skipped due to active instance CFFD01EC This audit message indicates that a job instance could not be executed because the template’s property did not allow multiple concurrent copies of The job was not marked as being restartable. CFFD00EC Database Error:  Communications Error This error usually indicates that insufficient resources have been allocated for the Database server. this content CFFD01A7 This message can occur if the “Copy File” feature is enabled for a Main, Pre or Post file.

The JSS log (found in the LOG sub-directory provides additional information). ABAT-I-ADDBATCHPRIV, The account under which this job is executing has been adjusted to have the "Logon as Batch" right 4FFD01DD The batch user has been automatically granted the “Logon as a ABAT-E-JOBSONQUEUE, Jobs exist on queue CFFD00C4 An attempt to delete a queue failed due to jobs currently on queue. The problem usually occurs when you add users or groups from a trusted domain into your domain local groups.